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EZ FINE FINANCE SPECIALIZE IN HASSLE FREE SHORT-TERM LOANS EZ Fine Finance application is quick, easy, and hassle free. So, apply now and you can have your money in your account as soon as tomorrow!

Here’s how it works

Consider how much you can afford to borrow Tell us a little about yourself, and how much you’d like to borrow, select the payment amount that works for you and find out how many days you have to payback.

Complete your simple online application It’s easy. It’s secure. Complete the application and we will give you a call to review your application and let you know how much you can get.

STEP 3: Get cash in your bank account If approved, sign your loan and your checking account may be electronically credited the same or next business day. *IF WE CAN’T APPROVE YOU, WE WILL HELP YOU FIND A COMPANY TO MEET YOUR FINANCIAL NEED IN AS LITTLE AS 1 BUSINESS DAY.

Note there’s other qualification you must meet before approval. You’ll need a job or other steady source of income, a qualifying bank account to deposit funds, and an email address for communication from EZ Fine Finance, LLC.

Here at EZ Fine Finance we define the complete cost of the loan for the customer to eliminate the guess work. As a consumer-friendly company, we understand the importance of financial education. We strongly advise you to consider all borrowing option available to you before borrowing money from a lending company, and if it’s unavoidable, we recommend you pay off your loan on time to avoid additional fees.

Our APRs interest rate is 573.57%. Annual Percentage Rate (or APR) expresses the cost of the loan as a percentage of the amount borrowed converted to an annual rate.

EZ Fine Finance does not discriminate against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, because all or part of an applicant's income derives from any public assistance program, or because an applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Also, by applying you signify you agree to cross your state/provincial border and agree to abide by the laws and regulation of the state which EZ Fine Finance LLC conducts business. All loans funded through this website are considered to have been transacted in the state in which we are license.

If you have any questions about EZ Fine Finance, please contact us or check out our FAQ for further information.


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